What is cholesterol ?

//What is cholesterol ?

What is cholesterol ?


There are mainly two types of cholesterol HDL (high density lipoproteins) and LDL (low density lipoproteins). Researchers already believe that HDL cholesterol is good for our body because it performs cleaning work in arteries/blood vessels.

On the other hand LDL cholesterol is so essential to our body that we cannot live without it and in case of very low level of LDL cholesterol our body starts producing it by itself.

The BIG Question

If both the HDL and LDL cholesterol are good for our body then why there is so much noise about damages or harmful effects of Cholesterol? How and which cholesterol gives harmful effects to the human body?

The Answer

Damage happens when LDL cholesterol gets oxidized by free radicals in our body. It means LDL cholesterol wouldn’t be harmful until it gets oxidized by the free radicals. It means there is a strong possibility of having no Side effects of cholesterol.

To know more about how is it possible to have no side effects of cholesterol read our next blog.

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