Cholesterol to heart attack ?

//Cholesterol to heart attack ?

Cholesterol to heart attack ?


There are four different stages of this entire process from healthy cardiovascular system to heart attack.

At first oxidative stress damage the inner thin layer of arteries (this thin layer is known as endothelium). At this point, our body‘s defense mechanism tries to repair it, if it‘s successfully repaired then problem ends here. But if it‘s not repaired then LDL cholesterol enters into this layer (in the subendothelial area, the area between endothelium and muscular layer) where it gets oxidized by free radicals. Here again, our body‘s defense system tries to repair and remove oxidized LDL cholesterol, if it succeeds, the problem ends here But mostly it does not happen.

The real problem starts from here on when oxidized LDL cholesterol along with calcium and some other compounds starts building up plaque (which inflame arteries thus cause the blockage). With time plaque gets bigger and the patient gets in the higher risk of getting a heart attack. In the end, one day that plaque which was accumulated just under the thin layer of arteries gets rupture and results in accumulation of plaque and blood clots in that artery.

All this results in complete blockage in that artery and stops the supply of blood from that artery to heart.

Usually, these plaques are small and do not create problems in routine life that‘s why it is difficult to know before it gets ruptured. Now you know all this process and understand why people usually get instant heart attacks.

The sole purpose to define this process is not to make you nervous but to give you a clear understanding of the problem and probable solutions given below.

Is it possible not to have a heart attack because of CHOLESTEROL?

“If there is sufficient amount of antioxidants in the body to protect LDL cholesterol from getting oxidized by free radicals then LDL cholesterol would not be harmful”

—Dr. Daniel Steinberg

To know which antioxidants are helpful to prevent harmful effects of LDL Cholesterol and how you can prevent Heart Attack read our next blog.

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