100% Assured ways to remove heart blockage to prevent heart attack part-1

//100% Assured ways to remove heart blockage to prevent heart attack part-1

100% Assured ways to remove heart blockage to prevent heart attack part-1



Before going further you should know that OMEGA 3‘s are most researched nutrients in the world and if you use this knowledge and add OMEGA 3’s to your diet you can save your own life as well as lives of your loved ones from world‘s biggest killer heart attack!

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg MD, Professor, DMSC is known as the father of OMEGA 3. American Heart Association recognized him for outstanding contribution to the advancement of heart health worldwide.

Research which is going to change your life forever?

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg along with his fellow researchers studied living and eating habits of people of Greenland. They found that people living there had very high consumption of fat. According to studies which were done till then they were supposed to have a higher cardiovascular disease, to be more specific higher heart disease and diseases related to inflammation in tissues. But to the surprise of all they had exact opposite result, people there were having lower cases of heart attack and inflammation in tissues which surprised all the researchers. All the researchers were so much surprised because studies till then showed a direct connection between higher consumption of fat and higher cases of heart attack. The entire world was looking at this giant killer in the same way because there were enough studies to make everybody believe in this fact. Dr. Jorn Dyerberg and his team to meet with the reasons behind the new surprise in front of them (i.e. higher fat consumption and lower cases of heart attack and inflammation in tissues), they started their research and studied living style and eating habits of people living there.

After so much deep research what they found changed the world from there on. Dr. Jorn Dyerberg and his team introduced the world with the fact that there are two types of fats, good and bad! Yes, you read it right, there exists a kind of good fat which not only save us from the killing effects of bad fat but is actually essential for our body and works like a miracle! This good fat is known as Essential Fatty Acids/ OMEGA 3’s.

After years of research on OMEGA 3’s researchers found out that there are following two key OMEGA 3‘s

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)

It is clear from the researches done that DHA and EPA both OMEGA 3’s works like a miracle when taken together. It immensely helps to control cholesterol and triglycerides. It is not officially declared that it removes the blockage in arteries which is mainly caused by cholesterol but the number of people claiming that they have received these kind of benefits by using OMEGA 3’s is increasing significantly. Why not to believe, we have so many studies and researches showing these kind of benefits. There is a very strong possibility that most of the people can save their lives by using these amazing nutrients called OMEGA 3‘s.

How much of essential fatty acids do you need?

World health organisation and American Heart Association recommends that adults should intake minimum 1gram of essential fatty acids on daily basis.

Sources of Omega 3’s

Human body can create many nutrients by itself but unfortunately, it cannot produce essential fatty acids/OMEGA 3‘s so we have to intake it through diet or nutrition supplements. There are some veg and non- veg sources of OMEGA 3‘s available but the problem with that is you cannot measure how much OMEGA 3’s you have consumed in a day. So the best alternative is to intake it through effective OMEGA 3 nutrition supplements.

DHA and EPA both have multiple health benefits other than their benefits on the cardiovascular system. You also need not to be in any kind of health trouble to start using OMEGA 3’s as these are essential fatty acids for every human being from birth to all the different stages of life. Just to mention in some areas DHA and in some areas EPA is predominant essential fatty acid.

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